10 DIY Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Hey there! So let's talk about the problems we have with make up. Where do I begin? I need quick fixes most of the time. And some of them work brilliantly. Some of course are plain disasters. But I’m going to filter those out for you. Giving you just the good stuff. You can thank the makeup gods after reading the list.

Mascara Hacks

  • Mascara As Liner
    I’ve run out of eyeliner at the worst times possible. Sometimes after lining just one eye. If I knew that I could just use my mascara as a liner, major disaster would be averted. Just take your eyeliner brush and scrape it on the mascara wand. You will get good amount of liquid to line your eyes and it looks great too.

  • Powder For Longer Lashes
    How doesn’t love long and full lashes. Using fake eyelashes can be very annoying sometimes. Who are we kidding? So here’s a quick fix. POWDER. Just use baby powder or pressed powder after applying your mascara on your lashes. I suggest two coats of both to get the most of your lashes.

  • Easy Peasy Glossy Eyes
    If you haven’t already heard, glossy eye shadow is the new thing. And it’s super simple to get the look. The secret ingredient here is Vaseline. Just coat your eyelids with Vaseline and then use your favourite eyeshadow on top of it. And viola, you have nailed the glossy eye shadow trend. If you want an even glossier look, use a plain lip gloss instead. It’s shinier and really makes your eyes pop. So no one is going to look at your boring outfit if you have them hooked on your eyes.

  • White Eyeliner Magic
    I made the white eyeliner a go-to item when I saw what a difference it makes on a dull day for me. Hungover or sleep deprived? Just swap your regular eyeliner for the white one and you are good to go. It instantly brightens your look and makes you look fresh. You can use it along your waterline go bold with a white winged eyeliner. So I suggest you get one, if you haven’t already. The NYX Professional Faux Whites Eyeliner is my personal favourite.

  • Matte To Super Matte Lipstick
    Some days are for super matte lipstick and only that. We all have those days I bet. And let’s not even start talking about how many lipsticks don’t live upto our expectations of matte. This is what you do - swipe on your favourite “not so matte” lipstick twice. And then simply take a tissue paper and press it against your lips. And dab it again to even it out.
    The reason you apply the lipstick twice is because when you use the tissue, you transfer some of the lipstick on to that and this may make your lipstick look incomplete. Apply and repeat if necessary. So now I don’t have “not so matte” lipsticks anymore.

  • Empty Scalp Cover Up With Eyeshadow
    I love trying new hairstyles. But sometimes, some hairstyles leave an empty spot that shows the scalp. And it’s kind of a turn off. So what's the quick fix? Apply eyeshadow that matches your hair colour onto that area.

  • Apply Mascara Without Smudge
    Applying mascara without getting some of it on your eyelids is a task. One out of five times that I apply mascara I end up messing my eyeshadow. So I use a business card to save me the trouble. Hold the card right above your lashes while applying your mascara. This way if you have mess anything, it will be the card. And I think we are okay with that.

  • Clumpy Mascara Issue Resolved
    Clumpy mascara is the worst. You just have to throw it away and all that money is waste. Right? No. Wrong. Not any more. Add a few drops of contact solution to your mascara and turn the wand around inside. That’s it. You have mascara good as new.

  • Curly Lashes That Last All Day
    Your eyelash curler curls your lashes and that effect lasts only for sometime. Here’s a hack that you will be ever grateful for. You know how you use a curling iron to curl your hair? The same applies for your lashes. Only you will heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer and then use it to curl your lashes. This will last all day.

  • Lip Balm Colour Of Your Choice
    On a busy day, neutral makeup with a tinted lip balm works the best. You can convert a boring lip balm to one of your favourite shade. Scrape some powder off your favourite blush or scrape some lipstick and mix it with your lip balm well. Now you can make lip balms in all the shades you want. Go crazy!

    Do let us know in the comments section below if any of these have worked for you in the past or if you have any suggestions. We’d like to add it in our next article.

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