9 Places To Eat And Drink This December In NYC

Holiday Food

Besides the classic holiday events in December that are on your to-do list, here are some freaking amazing events and restaurants for foodies that should definitely make your list. I live for food among few other things so this article was a must for all the other foodies out there. So much can happen over food and drinks - you meet amazing people, you get to know another culture and satisfy your taste buds. So this lineup will do that and much more.

  1. Work + Wine New York City
    This event started off in 2008 as a way of meeting and interacting with new people and just having a good time. Imagine this - 40 people + 40 pounds of jumbo shrimp + 40 bottles of wine. That sounds like the best evening to me. The organizers make sure there is plenty for all, hence the arrangement for one pound of shrimp and one bottle of wine per person. That sounds like the best evening to me.

  2. Té Company’s - Chocolate Walnut Mille Feuille
    This restaurant is best known for its array of oolong teas which are crafted by hand in batches. But it’s also known for its amazing food that Chef  Frederico Ribeiro puts together. He changes his menu with the seasons. This December his chocolate-walnut mille-feuille is a must try. Dessert lovers paradise is what it tastes like.

  3. Sous Chef Giuseppe Lacorazza’s Pop Up
    Giuseppe Lacorazza’s is a chef of Colombian roots. He has been a sous chef at the Wildair for a few years and now works independently at P.Franco in London. He will be opening his pop up for two weekends in December called “Soft Opening” with a menu that serves charred eggplant, chili and cilantro to pudding for $50. Must Attend.

  4. Underwest - Holiday Doughnuts
    Known as New York's doughnut king, the Underwest has two new special doughnuts for the Holidays. These doughnuts are themed Hanukkah and Christmas. The Christmas special is a chocolate-peppermint cake doughnut with peppermint glaze and peppermint patties and the Hanukkah special is jelly-infused cake doughnut topped with powdered sugar and Star of David–shaped pâté de fruit. I love doughnuts and I love the holidays so these doughnuts are the perfect combination.

  5. Levain Bakery - Chocolate Walnut Cookie
    If you have heard people say that the best cookie in the states is in New York, they are definitely talking about the famous chocolate walnut cookie by Levain Bakery. It’s the perfect amount and the perfect combination of chocolate and walnut in a perfect cookie. Stock these at home for the Holiday season. They serve as perfect gifts too. I’d eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. #BreakfastLikeLunchLikeDinnerLikeDessert

  6. Cocktails at Bar Goto
    One of the finest bars in NYC is owned by the famous Kenta Goto. The menu at Bar Goto never gets boring because Chef Keto Goto is always adding, subtracting and tinkering with the menu. A recent addition is the Nippon Spritz ($14), which mixes rice shochu, sake, and pickled ginger shoot into a soda water and tonic highball which tastes like little sips of cocktail heaven.

  7. Hudson’s - Mediterranean Food
    If you are a lover of the Mediterranean cuisine, add this one on your list. Hudson’s is a floating restaurant, which means it is situated on a yacht that offers a view of the beautiful Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and Harbor Lights Vantage Point. The menu boasts of Burrata Stuffed Meatballs and The Ultimate Double Cheeseburger.

  8. Osteria Morini - Seafood
    Osteria Morini is run by the famous Italian-American Chef  Michael White. This Christmas Eve he is hosting a themed dinner called Feast Of The Seven Fishes which pays tribute to Italian tradition. He is going to serve sea centered appetizers and entrees. He will also be serving a signature Spiced Hot Buttered Rum that is going to steal the show. If you love your seafood as much as I do, you’ll be here on Christmas Eve.

  9. Analogue Whiskey Festivals
    This one’s for the die hard whiskey fans. After 2 years of success, Analogue Whiskey Festival will be hosted for the third time this year. Sixteen distilleries of whiskey with 30 expressions from all over the world. Enjoy this with live music and complimentary hors d'oeuvres.

    Which one will be going on your list? 

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