How and Where To Shop This Christmas On A Low Budget - I Have Been Doing This For 5 Years Now

Christmas is upon us and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the best time of the year for so many reasons. Holidays, weddings, parties and winter. Let’s not forget the good food and family get together's. And the best thing of all? Shopping for these occasions.

By the end of you the year you have exhausted almost every piece of party wear in your wardrobe. And now it’s time to restock. This is how usually it works for me. I shop the most during the months of November and December because it's wedding season and Christmas and New Year and so many more parties. Gotta love December.

December is expensive too. So many parties to go to and only so much money to shop with. So in college I started street shopping and its been the best. Not only for casuals but for arty clothes too. Now we have the internet to help us out and it's been nothing but a blessing for us shopping junkies.

So I am going to list the streets where you can go to shop and some great finds on the internet that will save you some time this Christmas. I've got shoes, clothes and accessories all covered. Stay trendy on a budget.


There are so many streets for us shopaholics to go to but only a few of  them suitable for Christmas Shopping. So I have narrowed down the list to only the places where you can get party wear.

  • Hill Road and Linking Road in Bandra
    These two streets in Bandra are must visit places every December. Not only do they have trendy casuals the shops have a great collection in store just for Christmas. You can get amazing dresses, skirts, tops and shoes to go with them. All within a budget of Rs.2000. Hill road also has shops inside the markets for materials. A huge selection to pick from in case you want to get your outfit stitched.

  • Lokhandwala Andheri
    Lokhandwala in Andheri is a very long street lined with shops and boutiques on both sides. They have a good collection of clothes throughout the year. This street is a little pricey but that's what bargaining is for. Haggle your way until you get the price you want.

  • Colaba Causeway
    After I have picked my outfit and shoes, I go to Colaba Causeway to buy my accessories. Causeway is accessory heaven and you can’t just stop at one. You many options to pick from. And the best part, you can bargain all the way down. You can get accessories to match every color of outfit, traditional and western.

    Now to some  amazing finds online that you can wear this Christmas.
  1. Little Red Dress
    Little Red Dress
    A little red dress is a must in every girls closet just like the LBD. How cute is this Red Off -Shoulder Ruffle Dress? Off shoulder and ruffles are a raging trend right now and this dress nails both those trends. 
    Wear it with these cute Ankle Strap Heels in Gold and Gold Long Studded Earrings to perfectly match.
    Gold Ankle Strap HeelsGold Long Studded Earrings
    Red Ruffle Off-Shoulder Dress - Rs 650 after Discount
    Ankle Strap Heels (Gold) - Rs. 499
    Gold Long Studded Earrings - Rs 229 after discount

  2. Long Sleeves and High Slits

    Velvet Blue Maxi Dress
    This maxi dress is decent and yet sexy at the same time. That is one killer combo. The velvet material in that shade of blue is just perfect. The polo neck gives the dress a sophisticated look.
    Wear this dress with These Black Block Heel Sandals and Silver Pearl Earrings. Simple and classy outfit with minimal effort.
    Black Block Heel SandalsSilver Pearl Earrings

    Velvet Blue Maxi Dress - Rs.599
    Black Block Heel Sandals - Rs 854
    Silver Pearl Earrings - Rs. 299 after discount

    This is how Christmas Shopping will go for me when I am on a budget. Not bad right?

    Do write in the comments section below if you’ll have anything in particular that you would like me to write about. Maybe outfits to shop when you are not on a budget? Or maybe you would like to see some amazing finds off the streets? Just drop a comment below.

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