Kiss-Mas Ready Lips For Your Perfect Kiss Under The Mistletoe

Add POUT-READY lips to your list of to-do things this Christmas. You prep your skin for makeup, and you should prep your lips for lipstick too. Most girls I know don’t care about this, but it makes all the difference. A little prep and you will have baby soft lips ready to rock any lipstick you choose.

Kiss-mas Edition

This article will cover how to prep your lips, including a DIY lip scrub and few hacks that will be life changing. Let’s begin with how to get your lips ready for those pouts and kisses. 

  • Exfoliating - This is the first and the most important step. Why? Because this will help remove all the dry and dead skin and you’d be surprised what a difference it makes. Regular exfoliating is a good habit especially during the winters when lips tend to get extra dry. Simplest way to do this is by using a damp towel and gently scrubbing your lips.
    Or you could use a lip scrub that you can use daily. I swear by the Greenviv Chocolate Lip Scrub. You can even make a DIY scrub at home. Here is how:

    One tablespoon of sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil. Mix the two together until it forms a paste and store it in a small container. This works equally well. Say goodbye to chapped lips if you make sure you exfoliate regularly. 
  • Moisturising - After you have exfoliated your lips, it’s necessary to moisturize them afterwards since they will get a little dry from the exfoliating. Just put on some Vaseline or use a nice baby  lip balm. My personal two favorites are Rubys Organics Tinted Lip Balm and Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Crush.
  • Foundation and Concealer - Applying foundation and concealer on your lips can go a long way making your lipstick last longer and making your lips pop. Its adds definition and makes a good base for you to glide your lipstick on. Just use the ones you use for your face and blend well. If you are applying a matte lipstick, I suggest you definitely don’t skip this step.

  • Lip Liner - Line your lips before you apply your favourite lipstick. Lip liners have lost their importance in today's makeup industry, but it still holds true - lip liners are a girl's best friend, the lipstick comes in second, well for some of us at least.
    There is so much you can do with the right liner. Ideally it should match your lipstick shade but if you use a dark shade you can create beautiful Ombre lips. Liners will define your lips perfectly and make sure your lipstick is within borders. Lip liners are perfect for someone who wants to make their pout look bigger. Line your lips just above the actual lines and see the difference.
    DIY Hack - Use a dark shade lip liner to create Ombre lips. This is better than using two lipsticks because you get to decide exactly how much of your lips will be light and dark.

  • Protection From The Sun -  Did you know your lips are 10 times more sensitive than your normal skin? Hence, they are prone to much more damage from our old friend, the sun. On a sunny day, don’t go out without protection for your lips. Use a lip balm with SPF. You can try the Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Lightening Lip Balm or the Natio Aromatherapy Moisturising Lip Balm. Both have SPF 30 and will protect your lips from the harsh sun.

  • A few tips on the do’s and don’ts for your lips:

    • Always, always remove our lipstick before going to bed. And I mean remove all of it. Don’t leave any traces behind.
    • Apply Vaseline before going to be. Lips tend to get dry in the night. You don’t want to wake up to chapped lips.
    • Use your lip scrub gently on your lips. If you scrub too hard it will tear your lips and that is never pleasant.
    • Massage your lips for a few seconds twice or thrice a day to make your lips to look fuller. Massaging stimulates the blood flow to your mouth making your lips appear red and full.
    • Drink lots of water. If your body is low on water, your lips will react. They will get dry. So hydrate throughout the day. 

    Let us know in the comments section below what you think of these tips and if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

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    Written by Swizzel Kundoli, our in-house style and skincare expert. 


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