Shimmer, Metallic Or Velvet? Which One Are You?

Blowing Glitter

What are the raging trends of the season you ask? I say all things shimmer, metallic and velvet. Add either one to your out and you have yourself making a bold and trendy statement. A statement that makes you stand out from the crowd and that’s a good feeling. I’m not someone who loves to experiment much but a little something here and there sometimes never hurt.

I love adding a touch of metallic, shimmer or velvet to my looks because they effortlessly transform certain outfits from “Damn, this is basic” to “Oh my, that’s neat”. Let me explain. Say I am wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white tee. Basic right? Now throw in velvet boots with them. And tada, you have a basic classy outfit.

So I am going to list some ideas and pieces that you can use to add sass to your outfit this December. It’s a month of parties and functions so I am sure you will be using some of these for sure.


Shimmer can be a little gaudy sometimes, I don’t deny that but I think it depends on what you wear, how you wear and when you wear. A girl has gotta make some really tough decisions.

The Classic Sequin Dress
The Classic Sequin Dress
Sequin is the best kind of shimmer. And the Green Sequin Dress is a must have for those rad party nights. Wear black pumps and a clutch to match and this is the perfect outfit for New Year 2018. Shimmy all the way!

Shine Bright With Glittery Eyes
Glittery Eyes
If sequence is not too bold for you or if you want to tone it down a bit, glittery eyes are the perfect option. You can easily create a glittery eye with the glitter eye-shadow pallets available in the market. My favorite one is the Wet N Wild Icon Glitter Eyeshadow. Apply some glue before you use the eye-shadow for a lasting effect. You could even try the Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner as an alternative to the eye-shadow.


Also known as the space cadet trend, the metallics are taking over. The trend is futuristic and glam. Saint Laurent to Balenciaga, everyone has showcased their version of the metallic trend. Could there be any more evidence of metallic stealing the show?

Bodycon Metallic Skirt
Metallic Bodyon Skirt
Metallic is a subtle version of shimmer. It’s adds a kind of sexy factor. And this Grey metallic skirt is exactly that. Metallic is easy to style and can from a day outfit to night in no time. Wear this skirt with a black blouse and tie up shoes. Add a blazer for to make it look formal yet party wearable.

Metallic Lips
Metallic Lips
Metallic lips are so in right now. Everyone has been wearing this trend from Kylie Jenner to Priyanka Chopra. Revlon has an amazing range of metallic lipsticks. I bought the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, Metallic in  HD Glam and its stunning. It makes my list of favorites.


Velvet is the subtlest of the list. This rich fabric has taken over major runways and is already being anticipated as the trend for the season. I can bet, almost every fashion icon has a velvet piece that the adore in their wardrobe. And you should too.

Velvet Maxi Dress
Velvet Maxi Dress
How simple and classy is this Navy Blue Maxi Dress. If you intend to jump on the velvet trend train, this one is a good start. Bold navy blue and detailed self striped pattern. Wear this with silver pumps, long diamond earrings and a silver watch.

Brown Velvet Boots
Velvet Brown Boots
Ditch your normal boots and get this Brown Velvet Pair. Wear it with jeans and a tee or with a shirt dress or a body-con midi. It will look great on almost anything. These boots are “I will plan my outfit to match my shoes” kinda pair. Boots have a way of making you feel empowered and velvet adds to the boss lady factor.

So that’s my list of the season’s trend. If I had to favor one trend, I think it would be the velvet trend for me. Which one would you pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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